Homily at Trappistine Monastery of Matutum

by Fr. Paul Kao, September 12, 2009

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In today¡¦s Gospel, Jesus gives us very beautiful images and teaches us about good character in our Christian life.

1. Our relationship with God brings about the production of good fruit. The fruit reveals the nature of the tree. Jesus says¡¨ A good tree does not produce bad fruit. A bad tree does not produce good fruit.¡¨ To judge a tree's fruit, we look, especially, at one particular moment---the period of production, or what we call harvest. In the same way, the quality of a Christian life reflects the heart of the man. Here, Jesus calls upon the treasure of our heart to reflect inner character. Our speech and actions are determined by the quality of our soul that produces them. By linking the heart and the fruit, our motives and actions are tied together.

If we want to produce good fruit, our motives must be clear and our focus must be on Christ, so that our choice will be directed toward our final goal---to union with Him. We also hope to be continually converted to Christ and to gradually renew our life, so that we can harvest our spiritual fruit in due season.

2. Jesus challenges us to be faithful in our life, as his disciples. Jesus says "Why do you call me, ¡¥Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?" How can we recognize Jesus as our Lord, and call him Master, and then not follow through on the commitment to walk with him? We can meditate on Our Lady as a perfect model in following her Son, Jesus Christ, as a true disciple. She ¡§kept all the things (of Jesus) in her heart.¡¨ (LUKE 2: 51)

3.Jesus reminds us that he is our true foundation. He uses the parable of the two houses. One is built on rock, the other on sand. One builder dug deeply and laid the foundation on a rock. A secure foundation takes work. The hard work is worth it, because in the storm this house stands strong and secure. Nothing shakes it. Let us remember Jesus is our rock and sure foundation. We are able to continue standing during the trials of this world.

Today we especially bring to mind our Mother in Heaven. Through the prayers of Our Lady, help us to free ourselves from all evil on earth and lead us to eternal joy in heaven.

Oriental Formator's Conference, 2009

Fr.Paul Kao attended the Orient Formators¡¦ meeting at Matutum from September 8th to 15th, 2009. Twenty-five formators from 17 monasteries of various Asian countries were present including those from: Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India and China. They gathered together to confer on the theology of the Church, the body of Christian believers, by Pope Paul John II. Mother Martha from Indonesia was the keynote speaker.

Guimaras is an Island that is near Iloilos. The Trappist Monastery at Matutum is located in the middle of the island of Guimaras. About 20 monks form the community and Fr. Filomeno is the the Abbot.


The New Chapel of Guimaras, Trappist Monastery



This new chapel can accommodate 700 people. The depictions on the stained glass windows of the monastery walls show the Holy Family, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, and the Birth of Jesus.


 Link to the Monastery

Fr. Gerard, the Junior Master with Fr. Steels,
the Novice Master of Tarrawarra, Australia

Sunday Mass at Matutum, the Trappistine Monastery in the Philippines.

Matutum is a happy community with 20 nuns

Mother Giovanna, second from the left, is the Abbess.

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